Airlines Hike Airfares

Aug. 4, 2016 – The hike – from $2+ one-way – has succeeded.

Aug. 2 – The hike still holds though there was minor readjustment on pricing overnight as American and Delta rolled back leisure fares in some of their larger, competitive cities. The volume of these drop-backs, however, was not even close to a minor rollback. Again, so far the hike is succeeding.

Aug. 1 – JetBlue initiated a relatively small but broad-based airfare hike last week, which has since been joined by several other carriers.

LISTEN: Airfare expert Rick Seaney explains what’s happening.

Airfare Hike from $2 and up

The hike, launched July 27, falls within a band of from $2 to $4 one-way for domestic flights and covers hubs, major and regional cities, as well as business and leisure travel including Hawaii flights (which were hiked in a higher band, from $4 to $7 one-way). So far, the hike appears to be succeeding because the major U.S. airlines have all joined in the matching the higher prices, as follows:

  • July 28 – Southwest and United match
  • July 29 – Delta matches
  • July 30 – American matches

Also matching – on certain routes – are Hawaiian and Air Canada.

There was some minor juggling of prices today (Aug. 1) as carriers made sure they were not under or over pricing certain routes, but again, at this point we expect the hike to hold. Check back for updates.

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Updated: September 6, 2016