5 Perfect Excuses for Cheap February Getaways

Want to get away in February? There are several holidays and events that provide the perfect excuse to hop on a flight and have some fun. See our destination ideas – and cheap flights to get you there.

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5 Great Getaway Excuses and Where to Go

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  • Feb. 10 – Chinese New Year: Celebrate the Year of the Snake

San Francisco: Don’t worry if you can’t make it on the tenth – there are events all month long but the big (and amazing) parade is Feb. 23. When you’re done celebrating, San Francisco is a wonderful city to explore.

Hong Kong: It’s said the celebrations last all year long here, so take in an exotic flower market, visit a gorgeous temple and make room for a remarkable array of international cuisines.

  • Feb. 12 – Mardi Gras: Let the Good Times Roll

New Orleans: So many parades, so many opportunities for free beads! But New Orleans is an adventure no matter when you arrive.

Las Vegas: How can you tell the difference between normal Las Vegas and Mardi Gras Las Vegas? We’re not sure. Have fun!

  • Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day: Romantic City, Romantic Beach

New York: Spend a fortune on an exquisitely romantic restaurant or go low at a neighborhood joint that may be just as good – visit a museum, dance in the clubs or take in a show. Ask any New Yorker, they’ll tell you: “Greatest city in the world.”

Ft. Lauderdale: The perfect place for a cheap getaway and a winter tan that won’t come off in the shower. And what’s more romantic than lying in the sun with the one you love?

  • Feb. 18 – Presidents Day: Fun with History

Boston: It may look sedate, but this is the same seething city where so many wild-eyed revolutionaries got their start – enjoy a history lesson then enjoy the nightlife and top it off with a nice cup o’ chowder.

Washington, D.C.: Visit the president! But if he’s busy, tour his home and don’t leave without seeing at least a little of the Smithsonian.

  • February – Black History Month: Reflection, Inspiration

Atlanta: Home to the King Center, a living memorial to the famed civil rights leader – tour his home and visit the church where he preached.

Cincinnati: Visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, lauded as a “beacon to freedom worldwide”; alongside the fascinating exhibits is a library where volunteers help you trace your family history.


Published: January 29, 2013