3 Things Travelers Should Know about Pokémon Go

Unless you’ve been under a rock or stuck in the airport without a charger cord, chances are you’ve heard about Nintendo’s Pokémon Go game. There are three things travelers should know about Pokémon especially, what the heck is it?

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What is Pokémon Go

We’ll let Vox explain how this brand new version of the game differs from the old one:

“Although the goal is still to catch ’em all, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game, it mixes real-world elements with the game.” –posted July 14

That’s the key, “real-world elements” which in theory (and practice) gets gamers outside. And that’s why it can be considered perfect for travelers.

3 Things Travelers Should Know about Pokémon

1. It may affect your choice of destinations

As Tnooz notes, the game encourages people to go to places they might not otherwise visit:

“Take a stroll through Central Park or Times Square to see how many people are spending their time hunting Pokémon there.” –posted July 13

  • Tip: Travel where you want. Pokémon will come along wherever you go.

2. Pokémon is being used by airlines for advertising

Exhibit A: This Instagram post from American Airlines which is captioned, “We’re working hard to upgrade our fleet so you have enough battery power to catch your next Pokemon! #GottaCatchEmAll

AmericanAir Instagram
AmericanAir Instagram

Exhibit B: This airfare sale come-on from Spirit Airlines’ website:

Spirit Pokemon Sale
Spirit Pokemon Sale
  • Tip: Before you fly Air Pokémon, always compare fares. It’s the only way to be sure of getting the cheapest deal.

3. Pokémon can disrupt travel plans

This one’s our favorite. According to the following Facebook post, a young man got a little too intensely involved in the game and failed to notice that his plane took off without him.

Facebook Pokemon Post
Facebook Pokemon Post
  • Tip: Please, pay attention to those flight announcements, okay?


Updated: August 29, 2017