2nd Airfare Hike Attempt of 2013 Ends in Failure

UPDATE-9 Jan. 21: United’s attempted airfare hike has failed. [see chart below]

UPDATE-8 Jan. 18: United has now has rolled back about 90% of its original hike (and Air Canada is bailing as well). On the hike “stickiness” scale where Gorilla Glue is stickiest this hike is more like a three year old Post-it note.

UPDATE-7 Jan. 18: United is rolling back about half of its original airfare hike; at this point it looks like this hike is going to stick mainly on the JetBlue route system.

UPDATE-6 Jan. 17: Delta continues to pull out of the hike but Southwest is now matching the higher prices on its routes that overlap JetBlue’s (about a quarter of Southwest’s routes).

UPDATE-5 Jan. 17: American joins in the matching but Delta begins partial rollback of its hikes (60%) and United has minor rollback (5%). Still no matching from Southwest.

UPDATE-4 Jan. 17: US Airways is now starting to match United’s airfare hike.

UPDATE-3 Jan. 17: Delta has also joined in matching United’s airfare hikes.

UPDATE-2 Jan. 17, Noon EST: JetBlue has matched United’s airfare hike.

UPDATE-1 Jan. 16, 4 p.m. EST: No airlines have stepped up to match United’s hike at this time.

FareCompare exclusive:

Wed., Jan. 16, 2013 – 2:01 p.m. EST: Moments ago, United Airlines raised prices on the bulk of its domestic route system. The prices, based on distance, ranges from $4 to $20 round-trip.

This is the second domestic hike attempt of the year, and it follows a very similar attempt launched by United in the first week of January. That hike failed after tepid support from the airline’s competitors.

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More updates will be posted as they become available.



Published: January 16, 2013