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Does the price on FareCompare include all fees and taxes?

All prices on FareCompare include all appropriate travel fees and taxes.

Fares do not include, however, baggage fees.

Generally baggage fees are collected at the airport upon checking in for your flight.

Bag fees range based on weight, size, number of bags and airline. For specifics on baggage policies we encourage you to check the website of the airline you are traveling.

We have compiled a Worldwide Baggage Fee Chart to use as a reference.

Since airlines change their policies and bag fees regularly, the article above is to be use only as a reference and may not have the most up to date minor changes to bag polices for each airline.

Here are a few articles we have written about bag fees:
1. Frightening Facts about Bag Fee
2. Airline Baggage Fees – 10 Tips to Save Time & Money
3. DOT: Disclose Bag Fees Right from the Start for Airfare Shoppers
4. How to Pack a Carry-on Bag in 3 Easy Steps

We hope this is helpful, if you have any more questions please let us know.

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