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Total Departures/ArrivalsOverlapping Departures/Arrivals
Monarch Airlines - ZB12--
Air Berlin - AB7125711
Air France - AF14244511
British Airways - BA11646311
Eurowings - EW3312311
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - KL12239111

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Monarch Airlines Baggage Fees

With airline service fees and baggage fees continuing to rise, cost-conscious consumers may want to check for updated fees before making a travel decision. Current bag fees for Monarch Airlines are listed below. If you need more info, your carrier's web site should have more detailed information. Additionally, all airlines traveling from, to, or within the United States are required to specify all baggage and special item charges at the time of passenger fare quote.



See more information on rules, guidance, and enforcement orders for baggage issues at the U.S. Dept. of Transportation's Baggage Fee Disclosure Rules page.

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