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FareCompare Deals

Holidays. You just can’t beat them - from relaxing getaways to action-packed adventures, there is nothing quite like stepping off the plane and experiencing that wonderful wave of heat, especially if you got a great deal.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend break with your partner, want to create family memories in the sun or party with your friends, FareCompare can help. So, grab your suitcase and dig out your sunglasses, because sun, sea, sand and adventure awaits.

Here at FareCompare, we are dedicated to providing you with the cheapest flights for domestic and international travel, and because airlines are constantly changing their prices, our travel search engine continually monitors airline prices for all the major airlines, delivering you the cheapest airfares.

We understand that sometimes you’re just searching for a cheap holiday, so our deals page is the perfect place to check out some great destinations at great prices. Our dedicated team of travel experts compile some of our best deals on flights around the world daily, so why not have a look and see what deals you can grab.

Today’s best deals showcase our top destinations and deals of the day, while our other categories allow you to search through the best deals on beach holidays, family holidays, the great outdoors and ski destinations. Those who want to get away to relax and unwind can also have a look at our resorts and spas section, full of inspirational destinations at great prices.

We also have the best deals on car rental rates, saving you time and money when booking your holiday.

Frequently Asked QuestionsThe Answers to Your Flight, Hotel, and Vacation Deals Questions

How Does The FareCompare Website Work?

Our dedicated team of travel experts, combined with our travel algorithm search through thousands of itineraries from the top airlines each day, bringing you the best airfare deals for both domestic and international flights, as well as the best hotel and car rental rates.

By signing up to FareCompare price alerts, you will be notified instantly through email when your chosen destinations price changes, providing you with the latest prices so that you can make an informed choice and never miss out on a bargain.

Our website also features the latest travel news, travel advice and handy tips on how to get the most out of your holiday experience.

How Do I Buy My Travel Tickets?

FareCompare does not sell airline tickets; it does, however, give you access to the best deals from the best airlines and prompts you to visit one of our partner websites to purchase your tickets.

Once you have found the perfect flights on FareCompare, click the 'Book It' button to select that flight. You will then be redirected to the checkout page on our partner website. Simply follow the checkout instructions to purchase your flight.

How do I Use the My Trips Dashboard?

Adding a trip to My Trips Dashboard couldn’t be easier. Simply select ‘Add Trip’ and enter the type of ticket you want, the departure city and destination city, and the dates you want to travel. Once the setting has been saved, you will receive up to date prices for that trip and will be notified of any price changes.

You can also add multiple trips to your My Trips Dashboard to keep an eye on prices for different destinations or itineraries.

How Do Price Alerts Work?

If you know where you want to travel to, but don’t want to spend time searching for the right deal, FareCompare's price alert emails are for you. We do the hard work and notify you when the price changes so you can get the best deal.

Fill in the departure city, destination and the dates you want to travel and check the box ‘Alert me when prices drop’ then click the find flights button. You will be asked to enter your email address, and once done we will alert you when the prices change.

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