The FareCompare Difference

It does make a difference where you shop for airfare. And FareCompare is different. It’s better. Here’s why.

While other airfare shopping sites want to sell you a ticket, FareCompare wants you to find a flight deal, every time you shop. Online travel agencies, metasearch sites and the airline sites offer airline ticket quotes, but none – including the airline sites – share the vast array of real-time airfare pricing data that FareCompare uses to find flight deals for shoppers.

Every time shoppers search for flights, the FareCompare flight search engine is employing a sophisticated set of queries based on current and historical airfare data to find you the best deal for your flight. And that means FareCompare finds the flights you want for the cheapest possible price – especially when shoppers travel dates are flexible. The FareCompare When-to-Fly Flexible Calendar search allows you to quickly and easily pinpoint the cheapest days to travel, and that saves time and money.

Why FareCompare?


When-to-Fly real-time airfare price drop alerts

Because FareCompare When-to-Fly Airfare Alerts are delivered in real-time, you are first in line for great flight deals.

Signup is free – get them 3 ways:

  • Email: delivered directly to your inbox for your trip
  • Twitter: real-time flight deal tweets
  • Facebook: Share flight deals with your Facebook friends

When-to-Fly Flexible Calendar Search

No need to hunt and peck for cheap prices for your flight when FareCompare’s flexible calendar search does hundreds of flight searches with a single click.

Every day, FareCompare’s proprietary software processes feeds from more than 500 airlines and 270,000 destinations worldwide, in real-time. And when you subscribe to FareCompare When-to-Fly Airfare Alerts, you know about pricing changes – instantly.


Where-to-Go Flight Deals

FareCompare Where-to-Go flight deals provide trip inspiration based on your budget. Just choose your favorite destinations, such as Beaches – Europe – Casinos / Nightlife and FareCompare Where-to-Go flight deals will price your trip from your hometown in an instant.

Where-to-Go Getaway Maps

FareCompare’s Where-to-Go Google Map/Twitter mashup makes trip planning fun and interactive. Use the US & Canada, Europe, Caribbean and Hawaii maps to instantly price your trip from your home airport. Then share the deals with friends on Twitter – instantly.

Mileage Run Deal Finder for Frequent Fliers

Keeping elite status is a priority with many frequent fliers and with FareCompare’s Mileage Run Deal Finder, you can secure that status with FareCompare’s own mileage/flight finding tool that gets you the distance you need at a price you can afford.


When-to-Buy: Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets and Expert Travel Advice

An informed shopper gets the cheapest prices, and FareCompare makes it easy to be a smart shopper with essential tip lists on subjects ranging from the cheapest days to fly to holiday travel guides, plus videos about on flying with kids, and flying with pets.

World’s Largest Database of Current/Historical Airfare

The FareCompare difference: more flights, more routes, more cities – plus the technology to process airfare information at a rate of about a billion combinations per query – in seconds. FareCompare even lets shoppers compare prices historically.

Discount First Class Search

A FareCompare exclusive: Find first class tickets for the price of walk-up coach, or less. This is not the cheapest airfare but sometimes it’s worth it to fly in luxury at a fraction of the price, and FareCompare shows you how.


Top Ten Ranked Travel Blogs

The FareCompare Deals Blog features the latest airline sales, hand-picked FareCompare specials as well as the daily Cheap Flight of the Day.

For up-to-date air travel industry news and analysis, as well as how-to’s and tips, FareCompare Labs with Rick Seaney is the place to find out about everything from the latest airfare surcharges to airfare forecasts and more.

ABCNews Travel Column featuring Rick Seaney

If FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney isn’t your friend, you’re paying too much for airfare. Rick shares his airline industry insights every week at The ABCNews archive includes entertaining news you can use, ranging from “The World’s Most Dangerous Countries” to “Screaming Kids on Planes” to “Your Chances of Being Bumped from a Plane vs. Dating a Supermodel.”


Updated: August 29, 2017