Podcast Transcript: Last Chance Summer Vacations

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Rick: Hey everyone thank you for joining us today on this FareCompare weekly podcast. My name is Rick Seaney, I’m the co-founder and CEO of FareCompare and today on our podcast we’re going to talk about what we like to refer to as “last chance summer vacations,” some tips around those. And joining us today is our editor from the website at FareCompare to chat a bit more about that, from California I believe today Anne McDermott. Hey Anne!

Anne: Hey Rick. It’s crazy but August is just around the corner. I mean this summer has gone really fast.

Rick: Yeah I know it’s pretty amazing actually I mean I don’t even know what day of the week it is sometimes anymore! But we do know that at least for some last chance summer vacations, you absolutely have to start shopping right now.

Anne: Right and if at all possible, I know you always hammer this home, buy at least 30 days in advance particularly for a peak season like summer. Because it just gets more expensive right?

Rick: Yeah it does and well as you get into that, you have that magical date out there, sitting out there which is the 25th of August where prices drop pretty dramatically as kids start to go back to school. But as you get closer to that date, even those prices get more expensive. So you definitely need to be shopping right now if you absolutely want to sneak in a summer vacation before August 25th, you need to be buying this week. After that, you can basically buy some tickets but you’d need to get onto those right now. Anything in early September or October, you need to start shopping right now.

Anne: I put together a list of deals today, deals ending today or tonight rather. As a matter of fact all four of them were good for travel beginning August 25th.

Rick: Absolutely and those deals that were ending today probably were deals that were filed on Monday and only good for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday right? That’s sort of the pattern that airlines have–these 3-day sales where they do it. So if you’re shopping on the weekends, you’re probably shopping for more expensive tickets.

Anne: Right. Another way you can still save for summer at least a little bit–and hey anything is worth it for summer–is you’ve got to compare connecting flights with non-stops.

Rick: Yeah if you’re in a city that you’d really would love to have a non-stop, and the non-stop by the way starts to sell out probably the quickest because it’s the most coveted. Those connecting flights and the airlines, there’s all sorts of inventory, they mix together airfares, and many times you can get–I’ve seen up to 50% difference in price between the non-stop and connecting flight. Usually it’s around the 20% range but I’ve seen it jump pretty high especially for these last minute things.

Anne: And if you can–if you don’t mind doing a little driving you could save big too. Particularly if you live in a smaller, and sometimes not such a small town, but if you get yourself to a bigger city or a hub that’s a big savings too.

Rick: I noticed the example was Pocatello and Salt Lake City. Not only will you need to drive but you also may need to have some mountain climbing gear as well.

Anne: And then our final tip is the one we’ve been talking about. If you don’t have kids that have to go back to school, this is where you can really win. If you can delay your vacation until August 25th or beyond.

Rick: Yeah that’s the real winner whether you’re going to Europe or you?re actually traveling in the US, you’re going to see those big drops occur for departures after August 25th. I want to be really clear too, it’s not buying before August 25th, it’s flying on or after the 25th. You should be buying right now.

Anne: Thanks Rick.

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Published: August 20, 2014