Podcast Transcript: 4 Travel Advantages of Growing Older

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Rick: Hey everybody thank you for joining us for the FareCompare weekly podcast. My name is Rick Seaney, I’m the co-founder and CEO and we’re going to talk a little bit about some of the actual perks of growing older. A lot of us don’t like the fact that we’re growing older but there are some perks related to that. I just hit the big 5-0 mark recently and got my AARP card. Although I’m not sure I actually paid for it but they sent me one anyway. And I noticed that our editor on the site actually just picked up the senior pass for $10 for all the national parks. So let’s talk a little about what some of these perks are and joining me today is said editor of the site at FareCompare from California today, Anne McDermott. Hey Anne!

Anne: Well just to be perfectly clear Rick, it was the spouse that picked up the senior pass! Not yours truly!

Rick: Oh okay! Oh well there we go, sticking my foot in my mouth again.

Anne: As far as the–well see you can’t see me so we’ll have to get together soon. As far as the AARP card, by the way, when you turn 50 everybody gets that. I guess it’s a part of their marketing campaign.

Rick: Well it’s a little disconcerting when you get it, it has your name on it so that’s sort of a rite of passage.

Anne: Yeah it’s sort of like “Happy Birthday! You’re old.”

Rick: Yeah, yeah.

Anne: There are good things about turning older and I mean one of the things is you know the kids are out of school. We love our kids but it’s nice to travel when you want to.

Rick: Yeah I’m older and I have a 13-year old. But a lot of people that are my age have kids that are in college. And if you’re not having to worry about that school system, the price of airline tickets is really, really cheap. And that magical date of August 25th is out there where the prices drop pretty dramatically up to 30%. But most people can’t take those–that’s why the prices are low because their kids are in school.

Anne: Yeah and there’s a couple of dead zones coming up which we will–is also part of the advantages of growing older. And dead zones are when it’s like the absolute cheapest and there’s a couple coming up in the fall right?

Rick: Yeah basically from August 25th all the way up to about the mid part or later part of November is a pretty slow period. Then you have an extremely slow period the first couple weeks in December. So any of those dates are great for flying around the country. Especially if it’s just you and the spouse or even you and a friend that want to hang out. I just got back from a golf trip with a buddy so you know as you get older, it gets cheaper.

Anne: Yeah you mentioned discounts and the AARP, American Association of Retired Persons, has all kinds of discounts. They’ve got a whole page devoted to travel discounts. You know hotel deals, rental cars, there’s even some air-related deals and vacation packages. And you know if you’re a member, you definitely should look it up. You might find something that’s just perfect for you.

Rick: Yeah there’s a lot of clubs out there. Costco has one, Wal-mart, AARP, so in some cases you can find some pretty good deals so it’s worth just taking a look.

Anne: Yeah don’t be proud. Grab you license and display it proudly if it’s got you age on it, it will! And I do–my spouse particularly enjoys this national park service thing. It gets you into thousands of places including all 59 national parks. You pay $10 and that is it for the rest of your life. And when you’re traveling, you’re traveling with a car full of people going to a national park, it’s free. Nobody pays anything.

Rick: That’s awesome. So when are we leaving?

Anne: Ah well, we’re leaving–. I guess it depends on how well this podcast goes. If it’s a success, we’ll have to stay and keep doing more.

Rick: I’m ready, I’m ready to hit all 59 parks. I’m sure there’s somebody that’s done that.

Anne: I’m sure.

Rick: Yeah.

Anne: We’ll do a story on them!

Rick: Yes, I’m ready to hit them. Yes and we’re going to do them all in four or five days. We’ll make sure that happens soon. I guess the other thing too is that I’ll tell you packing gets a little bit easier.

Anne: I totally believe that. I think there’s–the older you get, the smarter you get. The less you are influenced by peer pressure and especially–I don’t know if this is going to sound sexist or totally off the wall. But I kind of think you’re dressing to please yourself more and more and you don’t bring a whole lot of “maybe” outfits. Which cuts down on the clothes you bring. You know what looks good on you, you bring that. And [4:57] carry-on really simple and a carry-on is cheap.

Rick: I think for guys that?s less of an issue. So I can tell you in my family, pre-packing begins about four or five days for my wife and daughter. And for me about 30 minutes before we have to leave the house. So I think that’s probably–I think I’m out of the loop on this particular stuff so. But I do believe that you know over time packing is one of these things that you well know that unless I underdress, I don’t check a bag. And so packing has become a way of life and rolling clothes and packing for a two week trip is pretty interesting in a carry-on bag.

Anne: Well I think one more thing for women is that you start–the more you travel, the more you know what clothing travels well, what dress or skirt or pair of pants you can whip out of the carry-on and it’s wrinkle free and it’s going to be good. It goes with six different top you’ve got. That kind of thing is also what I’m speaking about.

Rick: Yeah you know I’m pretty amazed actually. My wife basically was a convert after always checking a bag of our 15  years of marriage, the last 5 or 6 years not having that checked bag. She keeps saying to me, “I will never check a bag again.” In fact, she’s gong with a neighbor of ours on a trip here and she’s forcing that neighbor who usually take two checked bags! So we’ll see how that goes.

Anne: Oh man two checked bags!

Rick: You can imagine I mean so you know, I guess one checked bag is all skin products. Which means basically a CVS store in a bag.

Anne: Okay, all righty. Thanks Rick!

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Published: August 20, 2014