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Logo Guidelines and Usage

The logos may be used for journalistic purposes. All commercial uses of the logo must be have written approval by FareCompare.  No modification or alternations can be made to the FareCompare logo without written consent.




News Media Guidelines

In thee first instance of FareCompare mentioned in online publication, please link back to, or other page found on

Please refer to the company as or FareCompare, and not as Farecompare, farecompare, or alternatives

Chief Executive and Title

Rick Seaney, Co-Founder of & Air Travel Expert

Company Description

FareCompare is one of the fastest growing travel-planning websites. Developed by airline industry insiders, the website is powered by the FareCompare proprietary database of current and historical airline ticket prices. The site offers flyers the best travel deals and accurate airfare advice.




Updated: November 26, 2014