FareCompare in the News – December, 2008

FareCompare is the media’s go-to resource for data and analysis on airline trends in the industry, including airline fees, carry-on baggage regulations, fuel surcharges and more.

December 31
Where the mind is without fear…
Ways to Stretch Travel Dollars in the New Year

December 30
Southwest Slashes Fares to Vegas
–Travel to Vegas has been down, and airlines are trying to deal with the drop in demand.

Cleveland Plain Dealer
Looking at the year ahead for airlines
–How will airlines deal with fluctuating fuel prices, global enconomic issues, and waning demand for air travel?

December 29
ABC 7 Chicago
Plane skids off runway at O’Hare
–A look at the problems winter weather has caused for Chicago travelers.

December 26
The Clark Howard Show
Price-fixing of fuel surcharges a complete joke
–What really determines a route’s fuel surcharge?

December 24
ABC 13 Rochester
Winter Weather Makes Travel Dicey Across the Country

Unbreakable News
5 Ways to Keep More Cash
–Money saving tips for travel, communication, home life, etc.

Big Winner
Executive Videos
–“Insight for sucessful people”

December 22
USA Today
Business travelers may catch a break in 2009
–Follow the ups and downs of airfare in 2008, and get a glimpse of what’s to come in 2009.

Airlines reducing fuel surcharges

Trading Markets
Airline fuel surcharges fall

December 21
Air Travelers Benefit as Fuel Prices Plummet

December 19
CNN Money
Fuel prices drop, but airfares don’t

December 18
Business Week
Bargain Fares Are a Holiday Treat, But…
–What do lower holiday airfares mean for airlines in the long run?

More airlines reducing fuel surcharge

Travel a Time
Airfares: Powerful new email alerts are on the way
–FareCompare will soon offer free e-mail alerts to when airlines are holding unofficial, unadvertised fare sales before everyone else–even on Southwest Airlines.

Herald Net
Paid a lot for airfare? You might get a refund

The Press Democrat
Holiday gift: Cheaper travel
–Holiday airfare sales continue.

December 17
ABC News
Ten Worst Air Travel Stories of ’08

(Rick’s abc column)

ABC News
Not Too Late for Holiday Airfare Sales

2009 will be the year of the Travel Deal
–Look for great international travel deals in the coming year.

aParently Speaking
Travel Q&A: 2009
–How to find cheap flights to Hawaii.

December 16
High Anxiety (Joe Sharkey’s blog)
Airlines Scrambling to Fill Seats
–Cheap seats and end of year airfare sales.

U.S. roads and skies less crowded
–Holiday travel numbers down for 2008

December 15
USA Today
Holiday travel declines; deals still possible
–Chinese publication.

Winging It: With new formula, airlines may profit
–How do airlines plan to make a profit in the future?

Kansas City.com
Airlines’ changes should help them survive recession
–Rising costs, fees, and airlines’ new way of doing business.

December 13
Buy AS and NZ
FareCompare Travel Deals: Airfare Deals to Australia and New Zealand
–FareCompare helps travelers find the best deals to Australia and New Zealand.

December 12
What Airline Employees Really Think Of Your Luggage
–Preparing your baggage before you fly., and using the FareCompare Fee chart.

December 10
ABC 7 – San Francisco
The secrets to airline travel
–Tips for saving on airfare.

December 9
Virgin America to start flights from Logan to Calif.
–Virgin flights to Boston will bring costs down.

December 8
Missons Place
Finding Cheap Airfare

December 7
ABC News
Thanks to Fuel Crisis, Airlines Weather Storm
–Fuel surcharges are helping airlines stay afloat.

December 6
Trans Union Credit World
Get ready to pay more for air travel…
–United Airlines kicks off airfare hike.

December 5
The art of reticketing flights
–When is the best time to buy airfare?

December 4
Sign On San Diego
Deals border “on the crazy”
–Holiday airfare sales.

December 3
Recession Bargain: Business Class Tickets
(Rick’s abc column)

Fox 40 (Sacramento)
Air Price Fees Locked Despite Gas Prices Falling

Throw a Cow
12 Things Airlines Don’t Want You to Know
–What secrets are the airlines trying to keep from travelers?

December 2
The Peach Post
Travel Tips


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