Your Weekly InstaGUIDE to Travel: Issue 1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Your Weekly InstaGUIDE to Travel! We’ll be featuring our favorite posts of the last 7 days each Monday to make you swoon for destinations around the globe.

Grab your afternoon cup of coffee and let’s embark on a week’s worth of ‘gram worthy travel photos. Oh, and click that +Follow button before you’re done!

Name that city…???

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Ready to find yourself walking the streets of London, swimming off the coast of Zanzibar or scaling a mountain in Switzerland? Then start comparing fares now. Here’s to a solid day of conquering the Monday blues with some travel planning!

If you’d like a travel photo of your own to be considered for posting on our Instagram feed, just tag your photo @farecompare + #farecompare. Who knows, you may end up as one of our favorites along with being ‘liked’ by your fellow travelers. Ready, set, post, tag!


Updated: April 11, 2016