Yes, There are Cheap Tickets Out There

“Where did all the deals go?” I’ve been getting this a lot lately and the answer is – check your favorite airfare comparison shopping site. Fall is here and dead zone savings are on the way.

Did you know? Autumn in general is a very cheap

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What’s a Dead Zone?

Of all the times of the year, when do you not want to fly? If you’re like a lot of Americans who will be taking to the skies at Thanksgiving or Christmas, it would be during a fall or winter dead zone – right before or after those holiday travel periods – because after all, what’s the point?

But that is the point if you want to save money. Airlines can’t get people to fly in dead zones so they lower prices – big time. Fly then and save a bundle.

Three Best Dead Zones of the Year

Usually the cheapest is dead zone #3.

1. November

  • Dead zone: It actually begins in October and extends through the first two weeks in November.
  • Why it’s cheap: Who want to fly in early November if they’ll be getting on a plane at Thanksgiving – generally the most expensive time of the year to fly? With so many spending so much for a late November flight home, there is very little demand and prices do a nosedive.

2. December

  • Dead zone: This one follows right on the  heels of Thanksgiving – after the holiday rush is over – typically the first two weeks of December up to about Dec. 17 (dates can vary by airline).
  • Why it’s cheap: If you haven’t just flown for Turkey Day, you may be flying at Christmas – or may be saving your money for presents. Once again, a very cheap time to fly.

3. January

  • Dead zone: This major dead zone starts in early January (after New Year’s) generally around Jan. 7 and continues into February. Once Valentine’s Day rolls around, Spring Break is on the way and prices almost immediately rise.
  • Why it’s cheap: It’s the dead of winter, of course and vacation is not on the minds of many. Most of us are in back-to-work mode, more concerned with making money instead of spending it as holiday credit card bills start rolling in.

Destinations to Avoid in Dead Zones

Many warm weather destinations particularly in the Caribbean and Hawaii will be pricy due to rising demand in winter. You may also see this in some of the smaller airports near popular ski resorts.

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Published: September 8, 2014