Best In-Flight Meals – Who Still Serves Real Airplane Food?

Airplane Food and You – How to Eat and Fly

In the fall of 2010, Continental became the last major airline in the U.S. to eliminate free domestic airline meals in coach. While snacks and soft drinks are still usually available, even on cheap flights, most meal service is relegated to long haul flights, and it is rarely free in coach class. But there are still some decent meals to be had in the air, and some of the free snack offerings have developed a degree of fame in their own right.

Best In-Flight Meals

Here are your three best options for in-flight meals on domestic flights.

Hawaiian Airlines

If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, you’ll be pleased to learn that Hawaiian Airlines still offers complimentary meals on all Trans-Pacific flights. Brunch selections include a hot breakfast sandwich; lunch offerings include sandwiches or pasta with dessert, and at night you can get turkey and Swiss sandwiches.

Virgin America

Virgin America turkey wrap

You don’t get free food on Virgin America, but on flights over two hours, you can purchase fresh salads, sandwiches, fruit and cheese plates and even a Jet Set Kid Pack for the little ones.


Delta Airlines meal choices

Delta Airlines

While Delta offers the standard peanuts, pretzels, and soft drinks, as well as the beloved Biscoff Cookies for free, they also have for-purchase meal and snack service on flights longer than one and a half hours offering wraps and other sandwiches plus fruit and cheese plates and more.

Best In-Flight Snacks

Since most flights today limit you to snacks, you might as well know which airlines offer the best free ones. JetBlue, Frontier, and Delta get good marks for their freebies.

JetBlue offers a selection of standard soft drinks and juices plus Doritos Munchies, Stouffers Animal Crackers, Terra Blues Chips, and Linden’s Cookies in their free selections. They also have Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and tea for free.


When Frontier Airlines acquired Midwest in 2010 it also acquired Midwest’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe. Baked on-board on most flights leaving after 10 a.m., they can take the edge off a stressful day.


Delta‘s claim to fame with snacks is its free Biscoff cookies. They’re made in Belgium and have a unique taste and texture that are perfect for dunking in milk or coffee.

Happy munching!

“Bring your appetite” photo courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines

Virgin America Turkey Wrap photo courtesy of Mightysweet.Com

Wrap photo courtesy of Delta Airlines

Snacks photo courtesy of JetBlue

Cookie photo courtesy of Amazon Web Services

Biscoff photo courtesy of Andrew Embiricos



Published: May 26, 2011