Which Airlines Offer Wi-Fi?

Which Airlines Offer Wi-Fi?

Most of the major U.S. airlines have begun outfitting their fleet with in-flight Wi-Fi service. The majority offer the service through Gogo Inflight Internet, the main in-flight Wi-Fi provider within the United States. Southwest is the exception, having chosen Row 44 as their provider. In addition to buying in-flight access for individual flights with Gogo, frequent flyers have the option of purchasing 30-day passes and subscriptions for convenience.

In the U.S., only two airlines, Continental and JetBlue, are taking a wait-and-see approach to providing in-flight Wi-Fi. The other major airlines are busy bringing this modern convenience to their planes, and AirTran and Virgin America already equip their entire fleets with it. User responses to the technology have been positive, and frequent travelers particularly like the option to purchase subscriptions and multi-day passes for Wi-Fi use when they fly.

Many airlines offer promotional discounts on their Wi-Fi service around major travel holidays, perhaps to offset the lack of cheap flights. But you can often grab discount coupon codes for use when you sign up for in-flight Wi-Fi on gogoinflight.com. Flyer forum participants have reported simply asking for and receiving discount codes from the “Live Help” link on the site’s home page.

Signing up for in-flight Wi-Fi at Gogo allows you to buy a convenient monthly subscription or passes that are more cost-effective than buying the service for multiple individual flights. Multi-flight pass options are:

  • Monthly subscription $34.95 (renews automatically)
  • 30-day pass for laptop $29.95
  • 30-day pass for mobile device $19.95
  • 24-hour pass that can be used on multiple flights $12.95
Airline Onboard Wi-Fi? Which Flights? Costs
 AirTran Yes Available on all flights For Gogo-equipped flights, regardless of airline, the following rates apply for per-flight passes:

Laptops: $4.95 on flights shorter than 1.5 hrs.; $9.95 on flights 1.5 to 3 hrs.; $12.95 on flights longer than 3 hrs.

Mobile devices: $4.95 on flights shorter than1.5 hrs; $7.95 on all others.


 Alaska Airlines Yes Available on 737-900s, 737-800s, 737-700s, and some 737-400s See AirTran;

Flights to, from, or within Alaska have a $4.95 flat fee.

 American Airlines Yes Available on 767s and select MD80s and 737s. Enter your flight number on the AAWiFiWidget within 24 hours of departure to check if your flight has Wi-Fi. See AirTran
 Continental No NA NA
 Delta Yes Available on all planes except CRJ700s, CRJ900s, and E175s. Enter flight information at MyTrips to see if your flight has Wi-Fi. See AirTran
 Frontier Yes Embraer 170s Embraer 190s See AirTran
 JetBlue Email and IM free on BetaBlue; ViaSat onboard internet services to begin in 2012 Only on BetaBlue Airbus A320 aircraft. This plane is used for long-haul and transcontinental flights. BetaBlue services free; Prices on ViaSat services to be determined
 Southwest Yes An advanced notification e-mail will be sent to customers notifying them that their flight will be Wi-Fi enabled 24 hours before departure. Currently $5 per flight introductory rate.
 United Yes Service available on all p.s.® premium service transcontinental flights, which are available between New York (JFK) and both Los Angeles (LAX) and San Francisco (SFO). See AirTran
 US Airways Yes All Airbus A321 aircraft See AirTran;

Access to usairways.com is free.

 Virgin America Yes Available on all flights See AirTran



Published: November 26, 2011