FareCompare's When-to-Fly Real-Time Alerts

Using FareCompare’s FareCatcher Real-Time Alerts to Save Time and Money

Airfares can and do change all the time -by the day and even by the hour. Airlines never discount every seat on a plane – in fact, only a small fraction of seats on any flight are ever available at the very cheapest prices. The sooner you learn about a change in the price, the better chance you have of getting one of those few great deals.

So – how can you be sure to be first in line for that great price?

FareCompare Gives Shoppers an Edge

FareCompare delivers real-time price alerts – faster than the airlines and other online travel agencies – giving you an early shopping advantage. And being first is crucial to getting the best deal.

To get the most from FareCompare FareCatcher real time email alerts, follow these simple tips:

  • Every time you search FareCompare, save your search – Sign up is easy. Every time you search for flights at FareCompare, simply click “Save this Search.” You can sign up for price alerts for a trip “With Dates” if you have plans to travel on a specific date, or you can sign up for price alerts for a trip “With No Dates” if you just want to get the best price whenever the price is right.
  • Open your FareCompare FareCatcher email alert immediately – Cheap fares do not last, and often disappear in a matter of hours or even minutes. Open your FareCompare email alerts as soon as you get them, to get the best price.

What If You Don’t Find the “Email Alert” Price?

Sometimes when you click on a price you’ve received in your alert, you may see the following:

“Sorry, seats at the price you are
looking for are no longer available!”

There are two reasons you are seeing this message:

  • Time ran out. Seats at the lowest prices were snapped up before you got around to checking prices. Remember, quantities are always limited when the prices are lowest.
  • Solution: Next time, open your Email Alert immediately – every second counts.
  • The airline hasn’t posted the fare yet: An airline can file a fare change but delay or decline to post it.
  • Solution: Remember, FareCompare FareCatcher alerts are sent in real-time. FareCompare may have notified you of the sale before the airline or online travel agencies have updated their websites, so keep checking back!

The FareCompare Difference

  • TOOLS: FareCompare’s proprietary software provides unique data analysis
  • ACCESS: FareCompare processes airfare feeds from 500+ airlines several times a day
  • ACCURACY: Email alert subscribers receive updates on select flights in real time
  • SPEED: Alerts reach subscribers as much as 6 hours before other sites can deliver

The advantage clearly goes to FareCompare – and to you.


Published: March 11, 2009