Video: What Happens To Your Bags After Check-in?

Ever wonder what happens to your luggage after it disappears behind those rubber flaps at check-in?

Delta thought there might be a few curious travelers among you, so they outfitted a suitcase with six cameras to track its journey from New York to Atlanta.

The resulting video – which you can watch below – is part of a promotion for a new app called Fly Delta that allows passengers to track their checked bags like they would a package – even mid-flight.

Now that we have followed the bag’s journey, we are thinking it is easier to travel as a bag than as a person.

Where the Bags Go
After being whisked away on a conveyor belt at check-in, the bag takes a leisurely ride through the airport – kind of like at an amusement park, minus the singing animatronic characters and water features.

It makes a stop to be scanned by TSA agents, then continues its journey through the bowels of the airport until it is loaded by baggage handlers onto one of those luggage carriers you seeing rolling around the tarmac.

The bag gets cozy with its fellow luggage as it takes a sightseeing tour of the tarmac. When it reaches the plane, a baggage handler places it on yet another ramp that takes it up into the belly of the plane. Another handler tosses it to its “seat” in stowage.

At arrival, yet more baggage handlers arrive. They place it on a ramp out of the plane and then load it onto another luggage carrier for another airport tour.

The bag is finally unloaded onto a belt that ultimately carries it to the appropriate baggage carousel where you are (hopefully) waiting to retrieve it.

All in all, it’s a pretty sweet deal. The bag does not have to lug itself through a crowded terminal. It does not have to take its shoes off at security or scramble to retrieve its belongings off the X-ray belt as other passengers pile up behind it. And finally, it does not have to hoist its over-stuffed self into an overhead bin onboard the flight.

From the looks of the video, navigating the airport as a piece of luggage is a pretty sweet deal.


Published: January 25, 2012