Unusual Travel Gift Ideas from SkyMall

Still have some holiday gifts to buy? Consider shopping at SkyMall. You know, the famous catalog found in nearly every airplane’s seatback pocket. You can also find SkyMall online.

Sure, people joke about it, but SkyMall has thousands of fine items from vendors around the world that are good-looking, useful and fun.

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And then there are the unusual items, which are always more interesting. Items that are a little quirky and can be adapted for travel (sort of). Let’s look at this fun stuff, shall we?

3 Unusual Travel Gift Suggestions from SkyMall

1. Brontosaurus Statue

For the traveling home owner: Since this replica dino is 7 feet high and almost 13 feet long, you can’t take it with you on your travels, but it might be a great deterrent to burglars while you’re gone. My favorite quote from the SkyMall description: “Sure to impress.”

Price tag: $1,950 plus $149 for shipping

2. StarScreen Social Backdrops

For the traveling business person: Want to come across to associates as a sophisticated Road Warrior? Merely attach one of the backdrop images to your chair and it’ll appear to fellow video-conferencers that you’re in Egypt (pyramid background) or Venice or Mt. Rushmore. Suggestion: If you’re goofing off but don’t want to look like you are, just attach the “office” backdrop. Reminder: never Skype the boss with the “nightclub” backdrop up.

Price tag: $29.99 per backdrop

3. GermBana Face Gator

For the traveling hypochondriac: This looks a bit like the “neck” part of a turtleneck sweater, but it can be pulled up to cover your nose and mouth. According to the description, it’s made of a “revolutionary fabric infused with a natural agent that kills germs on contact.” Bonus – if you cover your face with this, I’m sure most seatmates on your plane will leave you alone.

Price tag: $19.99

Happy shopping and of course, safe travels.

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Published: December 14, 2011