Travel Quiz: Are You a Frequent Flyer or Puzzled Passenger?

Sharpen up those No. 2 pencils, it’s quiz time. Let’s see how much you know about travel.

Look for the scoring key at the end.

Air Travel Quiz

1. I’d like to try one of those naked picture airport security body scan machines. Where can I find one?

  • A. You can’t. They are no longer in service.
  • B. Try Cincinnati. They are still in use at mid-sized city airports across the country.
  • C. Why would you want to do this?

Correct answer is A. The only images TSA screeners will see from machines now in use are innocuous cookie-cutter type pictures that do not reveal uh, personal details.

2. If you have a nut allergy, fly an airline that doesn’t serve those peanut packs and you’ll be OK, right?

  • A. Right. Among the airlines that don’t serve nuts are JetBlue and United.
  • B. Wrong. Every airline serves nuts (and sometimes pretzels).
  • C. Wrong. No airline can guarantee nut-free flights.

Correct answer is C. Even airlines that don’t serve nuts (including JetBlue and United) will tell you they make no guarantees for the simple reason they cannot control what passengers bring aboard – as one woman on a United flight found out the hard way; when a fellow passenger a few rows away began munching on some nuts, she became ill. The flight had to be diverted and she was hospitalized for two days. Now she’s suing United.

3. My favorite tip for saving money on flights this summer has everything to do with timing. What’s the best time to buy?

  • A. At the very last minute because several airlines offer last-minute fare specials.
  • B. You know the day you planned to buy airfare? Make your purchase a day or so earlier.
  • C. Shop really early – the best deals on summer airfare turn up in the winter.

Correct answer is B. Procrastinators do not win the summer airfare game. Yes, there are some last-minute specials but they rarely target the most popular destinations and they are very narrow in terms of when you can fly. On the other hand, if you buy too early such as three months before departure or earlier, you will likely pay a mid-range price instead of the cheapest airfare.

4. An apparently troubled young man made a move to open an airplane door on in mid-flight. What happened?

  • A. Nothing. Fellow passengers tackled him before he could get it open.
  • B. Nothing. The door was locked, but cabin pressure would have prevented it from opening anyway.
  • C. The young man and others seated near him were sucked out the door.

Correct answer is A. and B. This exit row door is designed to stay locked in flight plus cabin pressure alone would have prevented anyone from opening it.

5. Boeing finally fixed its 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Which U.S. airline was the first to fly it and who was onboard?

  • A. Virgin America, with Virgin’s Richard Branson and assorted supermodels
  • B. United Airlines, with the CEOs of Boeing and United
  • C. Spirit Airlines, with Carrot Top

Correct answer is B.

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Scoring Key

5 correct: Flight attendants routinely approach you to say, “The captain needs a break – can you take over for a while?”

4 correct: When you call SkyMall to place an order, the operator greets you by name.

3 correct: You see everyone remove their shoes at the security checkpoint and wonder if this is some crazy new hipster fad.

1 – 2 correct: You can’t recall who was in the cockpit the last time you flew but you’re pretty sure it was either Orville or Wilbur.

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Updated: November 17, 2014