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When and where you shop for flights can mean the difference between saving money – or overpaying by hundreds. That’s why FareCompare created these two FREE flight planning tools:

FareCompare Fare Alerts and FareCompare MyTrips

How does FareCompare do it?

Powered by a one-of-a- kind proprietary historical airfare database, FareCompare tracks airfare from 500+ airlines worldwide. And we deliver FareCompare Fare Alerts price-drop notifications the instant prices change so you can be first in line for the cheap seats.

Go ahead and plan that vacation bucket list – at FareCompare you can track airfare to unlimited number of destinations across the globe

Start tracking airfare worldwide at FareCompare!

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Track Airfare with FareCompare Fare AlertsSign up Is FREE and Easy- Start tracking airfare in less than a minute!

  • Real-time Notification – FareCompare alerts you the instant prices change on airfare you’re tracking
  • Proprietary Historical Airfare Database – FareCompare Fare Alerts are powered by a one-of-a- kind proprietary historical airfare database to deliver you the best price.
  • Worldwide Airfare Tracking – Track airfare from your hometown to destinations close to home or across the globe
  • Track Airfare from 500+ Airlines Worldwide – FareCompare tracks airfare price changes on 500+ worldwide airlines in real-time
  • Seats Verified – FareCompare Fare Alerts are always vetted for seat availability. But act fast, availability is fleeting
  • Facebook Connect – Signup or login with your Facebook login and share the flight deals you find with your friends and family
  • Use your iPhone – Track airfare with your iPhone and get ‘push’ notifications the instant prices change
Track all of your trips at FareCompare MyTripsFareCompare MyTrips – Your Flight Planning DashboardWhether you’re shopping flights for the holidays or your ultimate trip bucket list, tracking airfare with My FareCompare MyTrips makes it easy to get the best price on your flight.

  • Track Airfare Worldwide At a Glance – Quick view of all airfares you’re tracking at FareCompare. Plus view a summary of all your price changes
  • Tag your Favorite Destinations – Planning a ski trip, or a beach getaway? Now rollup all of your favorite destinations and track airfare in one dashboard
  • Add or Delete Destinations – Easily activate or pause email notification
  • Manage Email Preferences – Pause or activate which trips you receive email notification, manage your email frequency or choose HTML/text email formats
  • Shop Airfare by Day and Price – Quick and easy shopping calendar makes it super simple to find seats for your trip




Published: January 4, 2011