FareCompare Top 10 Thanksgiving Travel Tips

As the FareCompare CEO (and chief evangelist) I got to chat with Good Morning America this past week and share my favorite Thanksgiving tips on how to save on travel this holiday season.

“If you haven’t bought your Thanksgiving plane ticket, you should act now.”

Check out my tips and by all means add your own in the comments (the GMA video is below from a great location in Philly).

1. Be Flexible – think of the most inconvenient possible dates & times and you’ll know exactly which are cheapest (checkout our peak air travel surcharge chart to see exactly which days airlines are targeting their highest prices)

2. Return Friday & Saturday – these are typically cheaper than Sunday/Monday returns which are not coincidentally the busiest

3. Don’t procrastinate – add $5 to your virtual ticket every day you wait, that $360 quote is more likely to be $500 if you wait than $290

4. Consider Fees when Comparing Airlines – take one 50 pound bag instead of three 20 pounders

5. Check in Early – 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds before departure to have a field of empty bins when you board

6. Use Miles – when ticket prices crest $450 it is a perfect time to spend them (do so outside 14 days of departure to avoid last minute redemption fees)

7. Use Technology – one click on our Thanksgiving Flight Finder saves you an hour of hunting and pecking on multiple sites

8. Split Your Ticket Purchase – flight reservation systems quote the same price for all passengers even if a few cheaper seats are available

9. Consider an Early Morning Departure – they are the cheapest especially on Turkey day itself

10. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – prepare like a boy scout and be pleasantly surprised when you arrive on time – show everyone that big smile in your rearview mirror as you exit the airport minutes away from family, food & football


Published: October 21, 2010