Tips, Hot Spots While Exploring Japan

With a long and colorful history, but also a reputation for being ahead of the game with all things modern, Japan is an exciting destination, overflowing with hospitality and excitement.

The very mention of the word Japan conjures up images of tranquil temples, mingling with futuristic cities and a bustling business scene existing alongside traditional villages with Geisha girls in tow. Japan is a world of contrasts and that is part of its fascination and charm, as the old-fashioned meets the future effortlessly and graciously.

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A unique destination
There is something to suit everyone during a trip to Japan, depending on the personal experience you desire. With a wealth of cultural activities and a rich history, it’s easy to fully immerse yourself in this distinct country and all its varied appeal.

To get an appreciation of traditional Japan, take a trip to Kyoto where the dainty painted Geisha girls conduct tea ceremonies and artistic dance. Nestled in the heart of the country, the city is stunningly beautiful benefiting from waterside temples, atmospheric markets and acres of cherry blossom when in season.

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For more of a modern take on the country and its effect on the world, Tokyo offers a unique insight. This fast-paced city never sleeps and is a bustling melting pot of new ideas, fashions, concepts, technology and architecture. Everything moves at a slick and uncompromising pace and likewise everything on the facade appears shiny and new.

Combining conservative culture with a carefree, anything goes approach, Japan’s cities have twists at every turn. Trendy sushi bars and stylish boutiques blend effortlessly with pavement fortune tellers and traditional architecture, while the vibrancy of youth competes with the steadfast beliefs and practices of an older generation.

Off the beaten path
While Japan’s cities and countryside contain much to recommend them, there are other types of holiday available, too. Far removed from the idea many people have of Japan. By taking a tour or embarking on independent travel, Japan’s true beauty and splendor becomes more and more apparent and breath-taking.

Sports are also popular and take easy advantage of the stunning natural spaces and scenery which abounds. For those in search of rare animals and unusual species, safari holidays can provide the ideal solution and are flexible enough to be as short or comprehensive as you choose to make them.

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Safari holidays can incorporate a single destination or multiple locations, depending on the requirements of the individual or group, while activity holidays can be as loosely or tightly structured as preference dictates.

With diversity at every turn, there are plenty of ways to uncover Japan’s sparkling waters, dramatic mountains, dense forests and dizzying cities. Offering a taste of a unique and exhilarating culture, Japan is a destination like no other and from the sights and sounds which are everywhere. The eager visitor is very much reminded that they are lucky to have the opportunity to explore such a melting pot of contrasts.
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Published: July 18, 2012