The Four Cheapest Dates to Fly in 2014

The cheapest dates to fly vary each year – but keep these four in mind when booking flights this year. You might save a lot of money. See more on the topic in my latest column for USA Today.

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June 7 – For U.S. coast-to-coast flights

This is the last date to travel before a big seasonal price jump. Through June 7, you’ll find tickets for New York-Los Angeles flights in the low $300s but starting June 8, the price jumps 10-15 percent. In general, you’ll pay more on Sundays, too.

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May 16 – For Europe spring flights

After this date marking the end of Europe’s spring season, prices begin to rise up to 35 percent and more. A good example is New York-London flights which cost about $1,100 round-trip on May 16. If you delay travel by a week, the price zooms to $1,500.

Aug. 23 – For Europe fall flights

This end-of-summer date is the start of Europe’s fall travel season, which means prices drop back to spring season levels. Watch for more price drops beginning in mid to late-October as Europe’s winter season kicks in.

April 24 – For Caribbean flights

Before this date, you’ll pay a premium thanks to the popularity of Spring Break travel. A good example is Chicago to San Juan, Puerto Rico: Travel around March 22 and it will cost you about $1,000 round-trip but wait to travel on April 24 and the tickets will only cost in the low $300s.

Bonus dates – For holidays

The cheapest dates to fly for the holidays this year are – as always – the holidays themselves. Days and dates for 2014:

  • Thanksgiving: Thursday, Nov. 27
  • Christmas: Thursday, Dec. 25


Published: February 12, 2014