The Best Tips to Find Cheap Airfare

The Best Tips to Find Cheap Airfare

Use these tips for every trip you take, and thank me later!

Seriously, these are my tried-and-true tips that will always result in big savings for you – every time you fly. And it’s so easy – just follow these six steps, and you will get the best deals available – period.

The key is flexibility. The more flexible you are, the more you’ll save. I realize that’s not always possible, but any flexibility will will result in savings. Try it and see for yourself.

Request “flexible” vacation time.

Speak to your employer well in advance of when you’d like to take your vacation time, to see if your boss is flexible – ask if you can take time off depending on when the cheapest airfare is available.

Note: Avoid being locked into a rigid vacation schedule.

Be flexible on the days you can fly.

Cheapest fares are generally available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays (during the day) and Saturdays.

Note: Avoid the days business travelers fly: Sunday night, Monday morning, and Fridays

Be flexible on the time-of-day you can fly.

Very cheapest flights: red-eyes. Next cheapest: middle-of-the-day, and evening flights.

Note: In other words, don’t fly when it’s most convenient for you.

Fly in and out of larger/hub cities.

This may mean driving an hour or two to get to a bigger airport but the savings can be well worth it.

Note: Not true in all cases – for example, Cincinnati can be more expensive than nearby smaller airports. Do comparisons before you book.

Travel to off-season destinations.

Try Florida in the summer or Chicago in late winter – you’ll find the same amenities, for a lot less.

Note: Some popular year-round destinations (Hawaii, Orlando) may offset higher airfares with heavily discounted hotels.

Join frequent flier clubs.

You’re going to take the trip – you might as well take the miles, as well.

Note: Even if you never use the miles, you may qualify for worthwhile perks like priority boarding.

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The Best Tips to Find Cheap Airfare


Published: March 18, 2009