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Not going to keep you in suspense on the cheapest days to fly, but read the entire article because it includes other money-saving tips.

Cheapest Days of the Week to Fly

Keep this in mind every time you shop for airfare; the tip is good year-round.

  • Cheapest days to fly, U.S. domestic: Usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
  • Cheapest days to fly, international: Weekdays are usually cheaper than weekends

Remember, we say ‘usually’ so this rule may not be true every time you shop. When you shop for tickets, always compare fares but also compare prices for slightly different travel days. An easy way to target the cheapest days to fly within a month is by using the Getaway Map.

Meanwhile, it’s useful to know why these particular days are cheap.

What Makes These Days Cheap

It’s a matter of demand; most people don’t want to fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday so airlines have trouble filling their planes. And because empty seats bring in no revenue, airlines fill them by lowering prices.

Tip: Check out the Deals Blog and see how many super-cheap fares are only good for travel on (you guessed it) Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

Don’t Fly These Days

Something else to keep in mind whenever you shop for airfare.

  • Most expensive days to fly, U.S. domestic: Fridays and Sundays

Again, it all comes down to demand. Airlines know these are the days we like to fly and they make us pay for them. Why are they so popular?

  • Fridays: Vacation or leisure travelers can make the most of a weekend getaway or even a weeklong trip by starting at the earliest possible moment.
  • Sundays: Business travelers with early Monday meetings will be fresh for early out-of-town Monday meetings plus they won’t have to worry about a delayed Monday flight.

When You Can’t Fly the Cheapest Days

Split the difference: Fly one of the cheap days (doesn’t matter if it’s coming or going) and you’ll still save something. Take what you can get.