Top 7 Things Rick Seaney is Thankful For – And YOU Top the List

Thanksgiving is almost here, but that doesn’t mean I need to wait to give thanks. This has been an extraordinary year for FareCompare; the company has expanded as we’ve helped more and more people find the best deals available, and I give the lion’s share of the credit to…

1. You – Our Faithful Flight Finders

Thanks to visits from all you travelers out there – the globetrotters and the not-so-frequent-flyers, we’ve been able to create new tools (like our FareCompare Where-to-Go Getaway Map) and make our site more sophisticated yet easier to use than ever.

And of course, our whole aim here is to get you the best deals possible. My motto was and continues to be, why pay a penny more than you have to? And to all of you out there, I say thanks.

2. Airline Industry

First of all, I’m glad so many airlines remain in the arena; sure, they make us all crazy sometimes with those pesky fees and dumb rules (I have to pay a “change fee” because why…?). But air travel is still the best way to get from Point A to Point B, and I’m thankful we have as many airline choices as we do.

3. TSA and Airport Security

Look, I’ve already explained that I’m not crazy about the body scan machines, and I’m even less thrilled with those embarrassing pat downs, but – I do believe the TSA is dedicated to making air travel as safe as humanly possible. The problem is, it’s run by humans, so there will be errors and overreactions. I do give the TSA credit for trying and I’m thankful for many of their efforts – but if you want to speak out against some of their methods, I’ve got your back.

4. Pilots and Flight Attendants

Many of these airline employees do an often increasingly tedious and occasionally scary job for less money than they used to make, but they do it so well. I thank them and salute their professionalism.

5. To Health

I’m thankful for the health and welfare of my family, friends, colleagues and each and every visitor who comes to our site. May these blessings continue.

6. My Family

I love to travel, but what fun would it be without my wonderful family by my side? If you’re flying with yours this holiday season, take some time and savor the moments. I know I will.

7. The Future

As always, I am looking to the future; who knows what mysteries lie just beyond the horizon, waiting to unfold? I await them with great eagerness and hope.

No doubt about it, I’ve got a lot to be thankful for and I hope you do, too. Please feel free to share below.

Happy Thanksgiving. And as always – safe travels.


Published: November 23, 2010