Thanksgiving Airfare Tracker: Outlook on Cheap Thanksgiving Flights from San Francisco

Thanksgiving Flights from San Francisco

Going away for Thanksgiving? Then you probably know airfares from San Francisco are on the rise, but by how much?

Check out the FareCompare San Francisco Thanksgiving Airfare Tracker below – it shows the average daily roundtrip prices for airline tickets from SFO to the top 25 U.S. destinations in 2010 and 2009 – and note the differences between last year’s fares and what we’re seeing this year. Check out the prices yourself – move your mouse over the dates on the Airfare Tracker for prices.

Higher prices are no surprise to FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney; a big reason for the rise, he says, is that so many people didn’t fly last Thanksgiving. Now, they’re heading back to the airport – and the airlines have reacted with higher prices. In other words, it’s time to buy your airline tickets.

And that’s no problem this year, thanks to the FareCompare Thanksgiving Flight Finder. Pinpoint the cheapest days to fly and grab your deal from San Francisco. You’ll love how quick this is.

San Francisco Airfare Tracker Insights

Did you know? Higher airfares are the norm for most U.S. travelers this Thanksgiving – with prices increasing by an average of as much as $5 to $7 per day. Here’s what the numbers tells us about San Francisco:

  • Last year, prices out of San Francisco hit a peak of $431 on Nov. 20
  • As expected, 2009 prices began a steep climb around Nov 13- inside of the 14-day advanced purchase window.

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Any Deals for San Francisco Fliers?

Good deals will be in short supply this Thanksgiving for SFO travelers, and procrastinators will not be rewarded; however you can still find the best deals available thanks to the FareCompare Thanksgiving Flight Finder. Then save more with the new FareCompare Thanksgiving Travel Guide – a useful compendium of money-saving tips and practical advice.

More Savings for San Francisco Travelers

Simple strategies to help you avoid overpaying for airfare:

  • Review the Peak Travel Day Airline Surcharges: Numerous airlines have adopted this strategy of imposing surcharges which can add from $20 to $60 to the cost of your roundtrip flight; we show you how to avoid these dates when possible
  • Fly on Thanksgiving Day: Sure, no one likes to travel on Turkey Day, but that’s why it’s cheaper. Bonus: there’s no surcharge on Thanksgiving Day, plus airports will be empty
  • Don’t check that bag: Avoid expensive baggage fees by using a carryon, or consolidate your luggage to save up to $50 in roundtrip fees for each bag you don’t check



Published: October 28, 2010