10 Great Blogs for Travel Deals

10 Travel Blogs You Want To Read

Traveling the world doesn’t have to cost a mint, according to these travel experts. From fantastic advice on getting cheap tickets to tips on traveling frugally, these 10 blogs are a budget traveler’s dream:

1. Johnny Vagabond: Join travel writer Wes Nations as he takes off a year to travel the globe and blog about it. You won’t find reviews of the Hilton in Hong Kong or the Marriott in Mumbai; Nations prefers traveling “low and slow.” He relies on ground transportation, traveling as the locals do, in order to get a more authentic (and cheaper) experience. He posts beautiful photos and shares hilarious travel stories along the way.

2. Frugal Traveler: New York Times columnist Seth Kugel looks for “first-class living at steerage prices” in his blog on traveling cheap. He’s recently spent weekends in Rio de Janeiro and Paris for a cool $100, and is currently spending 10 days in the Mediterranean on a bare-bones budget. You’ll find advice for booking cheap flights; ideas for places to explore off the beaten path; and, of course, plenty of tips for finding low-cost lodging and dining around the world.

3. Best Travel Deals: Members of this community of travel enthusiasts share links to travel deals they found, as others weigh in on whether the deal is awesome or awful. Check out a roundup of travel deals daily.

4. Cheapest Destinations: Author of “The World’s Cheapest Destinations” and budget travel expert Tim Leffel expounds on his passion: stretching your travel dollars. You’ll find advice for maximizing frequent flier miles and hotel points, as well as ideas for how to be a more conscientious traveler.

5. Nomadic Matt: This Boston native got bitten by the travel bug in his earlier 20s and hasn’t found a cure yet. Lucky for you, this means he can offer plenty of advice on how to get around on a budget. You’ll find the usual advice on finding low-cost flights and cheap accommodations in addition to things like tips on talking to locals, places to go Scuba diving, and must-see sites.

6. Where’s Cool?: This site describes itself as “a budget travel community your mom probably wouldn’t find useful.” Users offer tips on the best neighborhoods, record shops, hostels, dive bars and more in cities around the globe. Read reviews and browse pictures when planning your next trip.

7. Traveling Mom: The mom’s of Traveling Mom are both professional writers and world travelers who offer advice on planning family vacations and suggests kid-friendly places to visit. The site also has plenty of travel deals, product reviews and a map with free things to do in all 50 states.

Travel in first class style

8. Upgrade: Travel Better: Writer and frequent traveler Mark Ashley shares about “Living the first class life… at coach prices.” You’ll read helpful posts on everything from scoring first-class airfare at discounted rates to what type of points-earning credit cards work the best. Beyond offering tips on traveling on a budget, you’ll find news updates and trends as well as rants and raves.

9. This Just In: Budget Travel magazine’s blog is a grab bag of industry news (like forecasts for how many people will be flying this summer) to travel technology (like Apple’s travel workshop for iPad and iPhone owners) to cheap travel tips (like finding affordable hotels in New York City). It’s a great site for savvy travelers to catch up on the latest in jet-setting.

10. Fare Compare Deals blog: Our deals blog features the best deals for travelers, period. Check in daily for a roundup of airfare specials and sales. We’ve been known to track down tickets as low as $29 each way, plus taxes and fees. (Was that click we just heard the sound of you adding a bookmark?)

Mediterranean Sea photo courtesy of Jen SFO-BCN on Flickr

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Published: May 26, 2011