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FareCompare Summer Vacation 2010 Travel Guide
How to find cheap flights from Dallas-Fort Worth

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Summer vacation will be more expensive for fliers leaving CITYNAME this summer. Average airfare prices are higher heading into the summer vacation season this year as compared with the same time last year. FareCompare, an independent airfare comparison shopping website, recently analyzed airfare trends on flights leaving CITYNAME and found:

  • Prices on flights to domestic destinations are up $XX compared with the same period last year
  • Prices on flights to international destinations are up $XXX compared with the same period last year
  • Travelers flying from CITYNAME to Europe for the summer should shop travel dates XX – XX for the best prices
  • Travelers flying from CITYNAME to Caribbean for summer should shop travel dates XX – XX for the best prices


FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney shares FareCompare How-to-Shop expert travel advice for Summer 2010:

-          Don’t procrastinate. Last year procrastinators were rewarded with flight deals at the last minute. This year, prices are climbing and those last minute deals fewer and far between

-          Avoid the peak travel surcharge – be flexible with your travel dates. Last Thanksgiving, the airlines began charging a ‘surcharge’ for travelers flying on some of the busiest dates of travel, including dates around Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. Shop using FareCompare’s When-to-Fly calendars to compare prices easily and find cheap flights.

-          Fly Cheapest Days and Times – Airfare varies depending on the day and times you fly – Wednesday early morning flights are usually cheapest.

FareCompare makes it easy to shop for cheap flights;

  1. Signup for FareCompare When-to-FlySM airfare alerts – get real-time airfare alerts when prices drop on your favorite trips, leaving your hometown. Sign up for alerts via email (// – Twitter (//  – Facebook (
  2. Shop by price using FareCompare’s Where-to-GoSM Getaway Maps (// – need inspiration? See prices right on the map and share flight deals instantly with friends via Twitter and email
  3. Avoid hidden fees, FareCompare’s How-to-ShopSM travel advice will help fliers avoid extra expenses, like the Peak Travel Surcharge
  4. Follow FareCompare When-to-BuySM expert travel tips – Shop Tuesday at 3PM Airlines file airfare sales on Monday, and by midday Tuesday most airlines have matched discounted fares, making 3PM on Tuesday the best time to shop for airfare

ABOUT FARECOMPARE: FareCompare is an easy-to-use airfare comparison shopping website, featuring a comprehensive airfare search engine. is powered by the world’s largest database of current and historical airfare.   Powered by the largest and sophisticated database of historical and current airfare data, FareCompare tools and apps make finding cheap flight deals as easy as a single click. While most airfare shopping sites want to sell airline tickets, FareCompare wants shoppers to find a flight deal every time.


Published: May 4, 2010