Summer Travel Tip #4: Memorial Day Weekend

This is the fourth in our ongoing series of vacation planning tips; see the complete list below. Some of these tips will save you frustration. Some will save you money.

Summer Travel Tip: Memorial Day

We’re starting to see warnings at airports across the country. Let’s spell it out:

  • Get to the airport early if flying Memorial Day weekend.

The reason: 2.6 million of us will be going to the airport that day and there will be lines everywhere – to park the car, check a bag, go through security.

When to Go to the Airport

How early is early? Southern California’s John Wayne Airport (Santa Ana, Calif.) suggests the following arrival times:

  • Domestic flights: Arrive 90 minute to 2 hours before departure.
  • International flights: Arrive 3 hours before departure.

While it’s true you may be sitting around for a while wondering why the heck you got there so early, it’s also true you will not miss your flight.

More Summer Travel Tips

We’ll keep adding to this list, all summer long.


Updated: May 21, 2015