Summer Vacation 2010: Outlook on Cheap Flights from Boston

Not good: those of you who call Boston your “home” airport will probably pay more for vacation flights this summer than last (that’s assuming you actually flew last year – many didn’t).

One of the consequences of fewer fliers last year is that airline tickets during the summer of 2009 were at historic, ten year lows. Now, prices are bouncing back. Fortunately, the domestic picture isn’t too bad (though it could be better).

  • Average Cheapest Airfare from Boston to the top 50 U.S. and Canadian cities cost on average $236 roundtrip – which is up $41 compared to prices in May of 2009.
  • The international picture is a bit grimmer: average cheapest prices on flights from Boston to Europe are now averaging around $1,250 roundtrip – up a steep $477 from May of last year.

Average Cheapest Roundtrip Airfare from Boston to top 50 US/CA Cities (including all taxes & fees)

Now, the good news: There are things you can do to get the best airfare prices available.

First of all, do not procrastinate: If you’re flying from Boston to the U.S. or Canada, check out FareCompare’s Where-to-Go Flight Finder for deals throughout North America – or take a look at deals to cities throughout Europe. This is one cool tool – at a glance, you can compare and save.

Other tips for Boston fliers:

Last of all: Bostonians (and everyone else for that matter) should force themselves to pack light. A family of four can save as much as $200 roundtrip by using carryons instead of a checked-bag per person.


Published: May 13, 2010