Strange Travel Headlines (and the Truth Behind the Stories)

Ever see a headline that made you say, “What the heck?” (or something like that). Here are some that might amuse you, and as always I can’t resist adding a few tips into the mix. See more strange headlines in my latest column for ABC.

Headline: “Is it cool to ask out a flight attendant?”

According to the story it’s OK, as long as you don’t do something dumb like try to strike up a conversation in the middle of the beverage service. Also, I’m guessing it would help if the passenger doing the asking is a mature individual since the vast majority of flight attendants are, too; according to some figures I saw from just a couple of years ago, more than 70% were over 45.

Is it cool to tip a flight attendant?

Tip: Whether you’re romantically inclined or not, you’ll get on the good side of a flight attendant by recognizing safety is their number one job, and that does not include stowing your luggage or watching the kids.

Headline: “Kangaroo checks in at the airport”

A Melbourne, Australia, airport had had an unusual little visitor – a baby kangaroo – which hopped into a terminal shop (and was eventually hopped out by escorts). A lot of travelers may not realize that U.S. airports have plenty of wildlife, too, with everything from alligators to coyotes seen roaming runways. Biggest offenders: Birds.

Tip: Bird strikes have been known to disable planes but in general it’s not something you need to worry about. And as long as I’m mentioning worries, don’t be overly concerned about lightning strikes, either.

When birds hit planes (well, poor birds, for starters)

Headline: “World’s Cheapest Airline – Which Tops the List”

The world’s cheapest airline is said to be Turkey-based discounter Pegasus Airlines followed by Hungary’s Wizz Air and Romania’s Blue Air. Note: If you think these are unusual sounding carriers, see my list of odd airline names.

Tip: Certainly in the U.S., no single airline can claim to have the cheapest prices, all the time. This is why it’s crucial to always compare airfare.

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Updated: November 17, 2015