Shop SkyMall and the Airlines for Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Holiday Shopping for Air Travelers

Hopefully, you’ve already got your holiday airfare (and if not, find the best deals on holiday flights right away). Now all that’s left is your shopping, and if you have frequent flyers, avid travelers or people who just like planes on your gift list, we have some ideas.

The SkyMall Catalog

You know the SkyMall catalog; more than 18 million copies were put in airplane seatbacks this year, and chances are you picked one up. Mike Nelson did, and this frequent business traveler says, it’s the perfect way to fight boredom on a long flight: “Have you seen the dog kennel that also serves as a coffee table? Brilliant.”

Maybe the air traveler in your life doesn’t need a kennel-table combo, but SkyMall has plenty of other items that will appeal to many flyers.

SkyMall Gifts for Travelers

Look beyond SkyMall’s Bug Vacuums and Garden Yetis (starting at just $89.95), and you’ll find the following practical gifts:

  • Compression Leg Sleeves (for aching limbs on long flights
  • Comfort Travel Kit (hand-sanitizer, ear plugs, eye shades, lip balm, slipper-socks and more)
  • Portable Power Packs (for charging smartphones, iPads and other devices on-the-go)
  • Pet Wheel-Away (pet carrier on wheels with telescoping handle)
  • TSA Friendly Briefcase/Backpack-style Laptop cases

Purchase Gifts with Airline Miles

You know your airline miles can purchase flights and upgrades, but did you know your miles can also buy all kinds of gift items?

Some examples of merchandise available for airline miles from a sampling of airlines include:

  • American: Flowers, car rentals, hotel rooms, magazines and more
  • Delta: Mrs. Fields Cookies, Omaha Steaks, spa treatments and more
  • United: Michael Kors handbags, Swarovski jewelry, expresso machines and more

Check with your airline’s mileage program for further information.

Airline Gift Cards for Flights

Here’s a gift idea any traveler will appreciate: a flight. Most airlines offer gift cards in a wide variety of denominations whether you’re looking to present a loved one with a weekend getaway or an around-the-world flight. See your carrier’s website for details.

Airline Gift Merchandise

Know someone who thinks his or her airline is the greatest? Many airlines sell branded products and other souvenirs. Here are just a few ideas:

  • JetBlue: Luggage tags, dog collars, “crew uniform” baby tees, caps and more
  • Southwest: Airplane cookie jar, Christmas ornaments, polo shirts and more
  • Spirit: License frames, T-shirts, mugs, clocks and more

Airline Mile Gifts for Charities

Give to a worthy cause by donating air miles to charity; you may not have enough miles to do much with them, but many charitable organizations welcome such gifts.

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Published: December 15, 2010