Riskiest Time to Shop for Airfare

If you read our News Blog or follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you know that FareCompare has been monitoring airfare hikes for years now and in the course of pouring over all this data, I’ve gleaned a couple of nuggets worth passing along to help you save money. That’s what it’s all about at FareCompare. Our motto is, never pay a dollar more than you have to.

7 Easy Ways to Save $20 per Flight (or a lot more)

Travel expert Rick Seaney tells editor Anne McDermott nobody should risk paying too much:

Shopping on Weekends = Risk

Couple of reasons why weekends can be risky:

Airfare sales expire: Over the past several years, airlines have rolled out sales beginning on Tuesday and these sales typically run for two to three days. This is why we always say the best time to shop for airfare is Tuesday afternoon.

Airfare hikes often begin: The year’s most recent broad-based airfare hike – which was launched by Delta and ultimately failed – was sprung on a Friday (and we’ve seen others begin on Thursdays). Shortly after Delta raised fares, so did United but – and this is crucial – other airlines did not join in the matching, so the hike was a failure and prices were rolled back. However, that roll-back didn’t happen until Monday. So if you shopped that particular weekend and got flights on  the either Delta or United, you paid too much.

Don’t make this mistake. Learn more about this in my latest column for USA Today.


Published: September 18, 2013