REVIEW: Best iPhone Travel Apps: A FareCompare 4×4 Challenge

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The response to the FareCompare 4×4 iPhone Travel App Challenge was phenomenal! With over 2,000 total votes, supporters of all the apps came out in force.

Take a look at the apps that can help you plan your travel, manage your trip, and find everything there is to do in the city you’re visiting.

Before you take your next trip, you’ll also need the first iPhone app from FareCompare. It provides real-time notifications when airfare prices drop to your favorite destinations, the latest fares from your city to cities around the world, the ability to share deals with friends, and much more.

When to Fly Alerts for iPhone

Trip Planning

Lonely Planet, TripWolf, and NileGuide proved to be fan favorites. These apps allow you to view city guides, find top attractions, and choose the destination that’s right for you.

Peter Mariani let us know he “just used the Tripwolf application while I was all over europe for a month and a half. It was an amazing tool. I would recommend it to anyone.” Holly Jones says, “Lonely Planet apps are great, I love them” and @JessinBoulder shares how NileGuide can help you eat like a local, “Think it’s hard to eat on a budget in Boulder? Think again! See a dozen recommendations here…”

Travel Management

TripIt and TripCase got the word out, and their fans responded. Both apps make it super easy to share itineraries, manage flight info, and stay on top of all of your trip details.
Pedro Melendez says, “TripCase is Simply the Best!” and @cpetersen on Twitter says, “Whoa, @tripit is now automatically importing itineraries… now it’s even more like magic.”

On The Ground

Dining apps like OpenTable, Yelp, and Urbanspoon, as well as apps like Foursquare make it easy to find new things in a new city.


Published: August 24, 2010