Quiz: Are You a Travel Burnout?

Are you a travel burnout? Always on planes, forever in airports? See how many of these just-for-fun symptoms apply to you, and find out where you stand in the scoring key at the end.

10 Signs You May Suffer Travel Burnout

1. You can recite FareCompare’s golden rule of airfare shopping – the best day to shop for cheap flights is Tuesday afternoon – in your sleep.

2. Your favorite song is “Like a Virgin” – not because you’re crazy about Madonna but because you’re crazy about Richard Branson.

3. Before adopting a puppy, you carefully peruse airline websites to see which breeds your favorite carrier refuses to transport.

4. You reach for a cookie, but pause as you wonder, “Am I too-fat-to-fly?”

5. You eat the cookie anyway, while mourning the loss of Frontier’s free baked chocolate chip goodies.

6. You know which airlines charge for snacks and which don’t.

7. You know which airlines charge for soft drinks, too – grabbing a diet soda, you think, “This would cost three bucks on Spirit.”

8. Animals remind you of airlines: Kangaroos mean Qantas, a lynx brings to mind Frontier’s spokesanimal Larry.

9. When someone mentions their car’s great miles-per-gallon ratio, you talk about your 100K frequent flyer status.

10. You know which airlines score better (or worse) than McDonalds, according to the Customer Satisfaction Index.

Scoring Key:

Give yourself a point for each travel burnout sign you suffer.

  • 1 point: Fool for Fees
  • 2 to 3 points: Middle Seat Maven
  • 3 to 5 points: Frequent Flyer Flameout
  • 6 points or more: Aching Airline Ace

10 Signs of Travel Burnout


Published: July 12, 2012