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The biggest pain of air travel today? After the often frustrating security screening experience, many passengers say it?s those cramped airline seats in coach. They are just too small, forcing passengers to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with no legroom.

 FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney and Editor Anne McDermott reveal more tips to finding better seats for less.


Until recently, the only alternative was to fork over thousands of dollars for roomier seats in first class or business class, which isn?t a solution for those intent on finding the cheapest flights. And those willing to spend hard-earned miles on upgrades know they are not always available. Now, there?s another way.

New Airline Class: Premium Economy

Today, many airlines offer a fourth class of service: premium economy, or what I prefer to call ?merchandised economy?. You will pay a fee for this better-than-coach class, but you may find it?s worth the money especially on long-haul flights such as cross-country or international travel.


Published: August 31, 2011