Plan Your Dream Vacation with FareCompare Maps

We’ve brought back our FareCompare Maps, and we’ve made it even easier for you to see the best deals from your hometown to destinations all over the world.

Using the FareCompare Maps is fast and simple. You can go to our Deal Finder, choose your chosen region or vacation spot (e.g. Europe, Asia, Beaches, Casinos), perform a search, and then click on Map View. Once in Map View, you’ll have a clear picture of all the places you can go and how much it will cost you to get there. Prices listed are for roundtrip flights with taxes and fees incl.

FareCompare Maps are perfect for travelers who have an idea of where they would like to spend their vacations, but they’re also great tools for all those who know they want to get away but just haven’t figured out where they want to get away to yet.

Check out FareCompare Maps and start planning your perfect trip.

(example of Map View: DFW to Mexico)


Published: August 11, 2009