Take a Break

5 Ways to Save on Spring Break Trips

Not familiar with Spring Break? The traditional week-long school holiday which varies from late February to early April was once the sole domain of college students but is now a popular vacation period for families, couples, solo travelers – everyone. The airlines know this and raise prices for Spring Break,… Read More

In the Air

Some Airlines Lower Fuel Surcharges. Not U.S. Airlines. Why?

Good news: Some airlines are lowering fuel surcharges. But only some. LISTEN: Rick adds a few more thoughts. Airlines Lower Fuel Surcharges According to media reports, airlines dropping fuel surcharges include Qatar Airways, Japan Air Lines and Cebu Pacific which boasted about this on its website (“We’re happy to announce… Read More

The Family Travel Agent

How to Be the Perfect Family Travel Agent

Congratulations. You’ve just been named the Family Travel Agent. This may be an honor you could live without but don’t panic. The following tips will help you find cheap flights and satisfy the demands of the pickiest of relatives. LISTEN: Rick Seaney makes it real easy. 5 Easy Steps to… Read More

Flight Booking 101: How to Find the Cheapest and Best Flights

Welcome to the most comprehensive source for flight booking tips online. Below is information on how to save money on plane tickets, along with some helpful flight tips. How to Get Cheap Flights Paying full price for a plane ticket is one of the biggest mistakes that a traveler can… Read More

Ready, Set, Go

If Bags Could Talk: “No Fat-Shaming, Please”

Oh, the lessons we could learn from luggage, if only our bags could talk. Let’s start with fat-shaming. Baggage fat-shaming Just a couple of years ago, several mortified travelers were in the news after being called out by their airlines for being ‘too fat to fly’ including filmmaker Kevin Smith… Read More