Etiquette 101 for Airline Passengers and Flight Attendants

There have been lots of airline stories lately about minor irritations escalating into big blow-ups, so the buzz about my recent ABC column on Charm School for Travelers doesn’t really surprise me. Some of the highlights and sample classes of my imaginary curriculum. LISTEN: Quiet, please. Etiquette class is now in… Read More

Yes, There are Cheap Tickets Out There

“Where did all the deals go?” I’ve been getting this a lot lately and the answer is – check your favorite airfare comparison shopping site. Fall is here and dead zone savings are on the way. Did you know? Autumn in general is a very cheap LISTEN: Does Rick fly… Read More

4 Excellent Reasons to Fly in Fall or Winter

On the fence about a non-summer vacation? You may get off that fence quick once you read this. Looking for fall sales? Check the Deals Blog LISTEN: Rick expounds on the glories of fall. 1. Fall fares are really cheap. If you flew this summer, take a look at the price… Read More

Kids on Planes Traveling Alone: Q&A

Say you have a child that must travel alone. What should you know? I consulted a young friend and the research became the topic of my latest column for ABC. Here are the highlights. Q: Do all airlines allow all children to travel alone? A: No. Most airlines don’t allow… Read More