The 3 Cheapest Days of the Week for Flights

Not going to keep you in suspense on the cheapest days to fly, but read the entire article because it includes other money-saving tips. LISTEN: What days to fly, what days not to fly. And here’s the best day to shop for airfare Cheapest Days of the Week Keep this in… Read More

4 Reasons to Watch for Fall's Magic Date to Fly

Remember this date: Aug. 25. That’s when the fall travel season begins, at least as far as the airlines are concerned. What does this mean for you? Plenty. [See FareCompare’s video below] 1. Airline tickets are cheaper With the advent of fall, airlines slash prices by 10, 20 and 30… Read More

Best Day to Shop for Airfare? Tuesday.

I hear a lot of myths about supposedly fiendish airlines hiding or holding ultra-cheap airline tickets until a secret midnight hour when only those-in-the-know can take advantage. Baloney! Here is the real story. LISTEN: Rick Seaney deals in facts, not myths. Best Day to Shop: If you’re shopping in the… Read More

4 Fees You Should Never, Ever Pay

Not all fees are bad; I’ve recommended some fees depending on the type of flyer you are. But some should be avoided at all costs, like these four. LISTEN: Rick Seaney with more ways to save on fees. 1. Inflated bag fee Spirit Airlines carry-on baggage fee starts at $35 if… Read More