On the Plane

Why Airline Seat Maps Only Show Bad Seats

After most of us purchase airline tickets, we choose where we’ll sit on the plane. We try to, anyway. What used to be a simple task is now a game of hide and seek. Let me explain what’s going on and what you can do about it. LISTEN: Rick Seaney… Read More

Airline Fees

No, You Do Not Have to Pay Any Airline Fees

Most of us accept that airline fees are part of today’s flying experience. Well, I’m here to tell you, it ain’t necessarily so. LISTEN: Rick Seaney avoids all fees. Usually. Do Not Pay These Fees Sure, there are some airline fees you may actually want to pay for, but if… Read More

On the Way

5 ‘Secret’ Airline Guarantees

Here at FareCompare, we recently reported on passenger rights during delays and the sad truth is, there aren’t many. However, there are some perks when problems occur but they’re so little known they might as well be secrets. LISTEN: Rick reveals more. Secret Airline Guarantees In most cases, these guarantees… Read More

Beware of Scams

5 Common Travel Scams: Could You Be a Victim?

Some of us are extra careful when traveling while others throw caution to the winds. For those of you in the latter group, there are scams out there, but a little prudence helps (along with common sense). LISTEN: How about some personal scam experiences? Five Common Travel Scams First, read… Read More

Air Travel

4 Crazy Travel Predictions That Almost Came True

I began writing a weekly air travel column for ABC News seven years ago this month (you can see them all here). Looking back, I’m struck by what a time of turmoil 2008 proved to be. LISTEN: Rick Seaney predicts you’ll like this podcast. Crazy Travel Predictions of 2008 Soaring… Read More