Holiday Bags

Beware Holiday Bag Fees

Most once-a-year travelers know airlines typically charge a fee for checked-bags, but even seasoned fliers can find it hard to keep up with all the fee changes, especially during the holidays. We’re here to help with updated fee information and useful tips on avoiding or reducing baggage fees anytime you… Read More

Sale Round-up

Why Can’t I Find the Airfare Deal?

You’ve just seen a great airfare sale, maybe in our Deals Blog, maybe on an airline site. You look for one of the advertised prices but can’t find it. Is this a scam? No. But there are things you must know in order to find a super-cheap sale ticket. LISTEN:… Read More

Vacation Time?

Vacation: Use It or Lose It

It’s October as I write this which means you may have a lot of vacation days left. Use them or lose them. If you don’t, you could miss out on some wonderful experiences. LISTEN: Hey! Use it! No regrets! Vacation: Many Don’t Use It, Do Lose It Most full-time workers… Read More