London Insiders

You’re traveling to England, and you have the essentials covered:

Now it’s time to consider an “insider” look at London, and this short guide will help you navigate some of the best off-the-beaten path treasures in this great city. You’ve seen the world-class attractions, and now you’re ready to see the city through the eyes of a native.

Anne’s Favorite London Bloggers

Londonist This blog provides insight into traditional and pop culture. Learn which acclaimed writers will be visiting London, and the hot new restaurant Rihanna was seen at, as well as where to go for the best films and music.

Want to know the top ten pubs to hit during your visit? This is the blog for you.

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Listings of upcoming events ranging from food festivals and fashion shows to nights at the opera. Learn where to go for the best comedy performances and even dazzling displays of diamonds.

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Laura’s London Travel Blog


Laura's London BlogPart of the London Travel site, this frequently updated blog includes excellent visitor information such as how to get cheap London theater tickets and elegant spots for an indulgent high tea. Laura also lets tourists in on out-of-the-way spots for art and antiques including Cecil Court, which she describes as “looking like a Harry Potter film set”.

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British Airways Highlife UK

This airline blog covers England, Scotland and Wales with a special emphasis on the delights of London, including a tourist-centric post listing 1,000 reasons to visit. It also offers family-fun suggestions, great places to take the kids and a roundup of the city’s little-known “secret spots”. Keep up to date with the latest music, craft and film festivals and so much more.

A good useful site for tourists with the usual sightseeing and attraction information, but its strength lies in its special sections like the London Street and Borough Guide (“Islington: great theaters and best place in the country to buy antiques”) and its useful Survival Guide which helps visitors navigate the city’s underground (subway, to you), its trains and taxis and parking (“car parks”) and even good places for cycling.

This site also arranges for tours of castles and other London must-sees, while offering deals on accommodations as well as dinner and theater packages, and don’t miss the special section on the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London.




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Published: August 6, 2010