Key Numbers to Add to Smartphones before Traveling

It’s a pain but only takes a minute, so add these contacts to your phone before you fly. If I’ve missed anything, let me know on Facebook or in the comments section below.

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6 Important Numbers and Info to Add to Phones

1. Two airlines

Your own airline contact info is a must, of course. Delays and cancelations can happen anytime and the key to getting on the next flight out is speed so while you’re waiting in line to talk to an airline rep get on the phone and call as well. You elite miles members should add your hotline number.

As a precaution, add another airline’s number (one that flies to your destination) just in case your carrier can’t get you to your destination when you need to be there.

2. Security

You might need to get in touch with security if you’ve left something behind at the checkpoint; passengers do this every day. Call the airline if you leave something on a plane but call the TSA lost and found – and here’s a list for all airports – if you leave it at security.

Be sure everyone in your travel party has this number in case you’re the one who forgot to pick up his phone at the checkpoint.

3. Reservations

Delayed flights can mess up hotel and rental car reservations and if you’re not there to claim your room in a timely fashion, your hotel might give it away. If schedules change, let everyone know what’s happening. Include confirmation codes with this contact info.

4. Insurance

If you purchase flight insurance, or plan to use your personal auto insurance to cover a rental car, add this to your phone as well. Include the policy numbers.

5. Consulate officials

If you’ll be traveling outside the U.S., this is a must in case your passport is lost or stolen. Find the nearest consulate in this country-by-country listing.

6. Personal

There are a bunch of these and only you know what to include; here are some suggestions:

  • House-sitter: Be sure you have their contact information and they have yours. Better give them a number for a plumber, too (you never know).
  • Kennel: If Sparky is in a kennel, add that number in case of delays (or you just want to hear the sound of his woof).
  • Family: Be sure you have contact numbers for closest relatives – hey, wait a minute – that’s supposed to be the first thing you add!

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Published: July 21, 2014