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It’s Time to Let Cheap Flights Find You


Real-time, worldwide airfare alerts on your iPhone from FareCompare.com

About FareCompare Fare Alerts via iPhone


It’s time to let cheap flight deals find you! Get real-time airfare alerts when airfare drops on your favorite trips. And it’s FREE.

FareCompare Fare Alerts push real-time airfare deals directly to your iPhone in real-time, up to six times per day. Because FareCompare alerts are processed in real-time, you are first in line for cheap flights to your favorite destinations worldwide.

It’s quick and easy to signup to watch your favorite trips and see a fresh daily list of deals from your home airport. The Where-to-Go GetAway map pins deals on an interactive Google map, another easy to find the best travel deals for your next trip.


  • Share the Deals: Let your friends in on cheap flights via Twitter, Facebook and email
  • Save Your Favorites: It’s so easy to add and save your favorite trips worldwide for up-to-the-minute alerts
  • Real-Time Alerts: Your iPhone buzzes you when prices change on the flights you want
  • My Airport: See deals from your home airport every time you login
  • No-Limit Options: Watch specific trips or simply watch for the cheapest airfare to destinations worldwide
  • Interactive Getaway Map View: Check out all your possible destinations on global maps, complete with pricing.

What Fans are Saying About FareCompare for iPhone

We’re pleased to say we’ve already had a great response from users who have grabbed the FareCompare iPhone App. Here are reviews from some of the app’s first fans:

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Published: August 25, 2011