How to Use the FareCompare Getaway Map to Find Perfect (and Cheap) Destinations

UPDATED February 2017

The perfect destination? A city or region you love or have dreamed of seeing at a very good price. Find that perfect destination – fast – with the FareCompare Getaway Map.

TIP: Right now (Feb. 2017), Europe is remarkably cheap. Do yourself a favor and check out transatlantic deals.

Why Use the FareCompare Getaway Map?

Three excellent reasons to use the Getaway Map.

1. If you don’t know where to go: Look at the map and instantly see airfare prices for local and global destinations. See what’s cheap from your town.

2. If you don’t know when to go: Choose a month or season you want to travel and look at the prices. Then do it again for different months and seasons. You’ll quickly see the best time to fly.

3. Find best prices instantly: A great way to stay within your budget.

How to Use the FareCompare Getaway Map

Using the Getaway Map is as easy as filling-in-the-blanks. Example: A New York-based flyer would see the following:

Getaway Map - Fill it in

Now, fill in the blanks:

  • Enter departure city
  • Pick a city or region you want to visit, or click “anywhere” – then click save
  • Select an activity, or click “anything” – then click save
  • Choose a season or month for traveling – then click save
  • Select the price you want to pay, or “any price” – then click save
  • Now click “map it”


Getaway Map NY Filled Out

After clicking “map it” – here’s what popped up:

Getaway Map NY Results


Click the city/fare you like, and four itineraries pop up, as seen below.

IMPORTANT: Click all four itineraries! Airfares can and do change with no notice, and prices seen on itineraries have been known to go up and down; click all four to see which has the cheapest deal.


Getaway Maps Rome Results


Give the Getaway Map a try. Then tell us what you think. And happy travels.


Updated: February 14, 2017