How to Use the FareCompare Getaway Map to Find Perfect (and Cheap) Destinations

The perfect destination? A city or region place you love or have dreamed of seeing that offers great experiences during your favorite time of year. The good news: FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney and his team have created the perfect tool to find cheap flights to perfect destinations. It’s called the FareCompare Getaway Map.

Why Use the FareCompare Getaway Map?

There are so many reasons to use the Getaway Map but here are the three we like.

1. Not sure where you want to go: Look at the map and see airfare prices super-imposed on each destination; familiar spots or places you may have only dreamed of. It makes cost comparisons to destinations around the world incredibly easy.

2. Not sure when you want to go: Look at the map for this month or next, then re-set to see deals later on in the year – or choose a season. An easy way to find the most affordable time to travel.

3. An easy way to check airfare prices quickly: Look for a price that fits your budget; you’ll find lots of them, we promise.

How to Use the FareCompare Getaway Map

Using the Getaway Map is as easy as a game of fill-in-the-blanks, because that’s exactly what you do – fill in the blanks – just two short and simple sentences. Example: A New York-based flyer would see the following:

Getaway Map - Fill it in

Now, fill in the blanks:

  • Enter your city
  • Pick a country or region you want to visit, or click “anywhere”
  • Select an activity from sitting on a beach, family fun, sports, casinos and more or click “anything”
  • Choose a season, or month and year
  • Select your price, from under $100 to $1,000 round-trip – or, any price

Here’s how one user filled it out:

Getaway Map NY Filled Out

Be as picky as you like, or leave yourself open to new experiences. It’s a very quick two-step process:

  1. Fill in a blank, hit ‘Save’. Repeat as necessary.
  2. When all blanks are filled in, hit ‘Map it’.

Here’s what the user from New York found for fall flights to Europe under $700 round-trip:

Getaway Map NY Results

Look at all those cheap flights. All are deals specifically tailored to the user’s needs and desires. Now the hard: Which perfect destination to choose? In this example, our user clicked Rome and got the flight details, below. Then, simply click the flight you like and you can book immediately.

Getaway Maps Rome Results

Simple huh?

Give the Getaway Map a try. Then tell us what you think. And happy travels.


Updated: October 25, 2016