How-To Sign Up for FareCompare Free Email Airfare Alerts

What Can Free Airfare Email Alerts Do For You?

  • Short answer: They can help you grab airfare deals to your chosen destination before those deals are gone.
  • Longer answer: Airfares are based on availability, and the best deals can go quickly. Airlines file airfare changes multiple times throughout the day, and often they only offer the lowest airfares for a select few tickets. This means that if you see the deal too late, it may no longer be available. FareCompare free airfare email alerts let you track fares, price drops and/or price hikes from your hometown to the destinations of your choice. You’ll know when prices drop, so you’ll have a much better chance of snagging a good airfare deal before it’s gone.

Here are the simple steps to take to sign-up for our free email airfare alerts.

Sign-up for Free Email Airfare Alerts

  1. To get started, go to //
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Enter your departure city
  4. Enter your destination city
  5. Click sign-up, and your trip is saved.

Manage Your Trips

You have several options to help create an email alert that fits your specific needs.

  1. Choose your preference for cabin and airline (not required), and rank your trip
  2. Choose alert rating (****)
  3. Choose to track price drops, price increases, or both
  4. Choose minimum price change for alert ($10, $20, etc). You will only receive an alert if the price of your flight has a price drop or increase of the amount you indicated or more.
  5. Choose travel flexibility

    • If your dates are Very flexible – move on to the next screen.
    • If you have Limited Flexibility with travel dates – choose earliest departure and latest departure
    • If your travel dates are Fixed – choose departure date and return date
  6. Save Your trip, and you’re ready to start receiving free airfare email alerts that fit your parameters.

Add a Trip

  1. Enter your new departure/destination cities to set up an alert for another trip. Follow the seven steps from above.


Published: April 29, 2010