How to Pay $100 Less for Thanksgiving Flights

Attention U.S. travelers who expect to fly around Thanksgiving (Nov. 26):

If you want to pay $100 less on holiday airfare than a lot of people, act fast. Yes, that’s my tip: Buy your ticket today.

Thanksgiving Flights: Save $100

Here’s why shopping today is so important:

  • Average airfare prices for the Thanksgiving holiday travel period rise about $5 a day – each day – through the end of October.

Buying your ticket today (Oct. 6) will save roughly $130 compared to the last-minute, early November shoppers. Remember, at Thanksgiving, procrastination does not pay. A quick example for round-trip Thanksgiving airfares for Los Angeles-New York shows what a difference a day makes.

  • Purchase price on Oct. 4: $737
  • Purchase price on Oct. 5: $746

By the way, the above prices are extra-high due to the dates, with departures on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and returns on the Sunday after. Wednesday/Sunday is almost always the most expensive Thanksgiving itinerary you can buy.

How to Save Even More

Save more by flying cheaper days: Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 26); the Monday and Tuesday before the holiday, and the Monday and Tuesday after.

More examples found Oct. 5 for Los Angeles-New York flights.

  • Wednesday to Sunday flights: $746
  • Tuesday to Monday flights: $$643
  • Thursday to Sunday flights: $637
  • Thursday to Monday flights: $510

Now start shopping, but whenever you fly, we hope you have a safe and happy flight.


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Updated: October 9, 2015