How To Find Out More About Airline Fees

Unfortunately, the number of airline fees seems to be growing. As travelers, we’re continually being charged for more and more as the “a la carte” pricing model becomes more of a reality.

So, what do these airline fees mean for you? Well, simply put, the price of your airline ticket doesn’t necessarily equal what it will actually cost you to fly. It also means that a cheaper flight on one airline might end up costing you more than a pricier flight on another airline once you factor in bag fees, food charges, the cost of extra leg-room, etc.

We’ve compiled several resources to help you get a clear picture of what your flight will actually cost you once you’ve taken certain fees and surcharges into account. Use these to help you find the flight that is truly the cheapest.

  • Domestic Airline Fee Chart – Breaks down a wide range of fees, including everything from checked bags to the cost of a boxed lunch.
  • Domestic Airline Baggage Chart – Breaks down checked bag and carry-on (yes, one carrier is even charging for carry-on bags) fees. It also looks at baggage dimensions, cost of overweight and oversized baggage, and more.
  • Peak Travel Surcharge Chart – Certain airlines are tacking on a surcharge for holidays and other popular travel dates. See which days could cost you more to fly.


Published: April 29, 2010