Quiz – Are You a Smart Holiday Traveler?

Are You an Expert Traveler or a Newbie?

So you think you’re a pretty smart holiday traveler, do you?

Then you must be a flyer who knows the in’s and out’s of airport security – someone who can breeze through the line with a minimum of drama.

Or maybe you’re new to flying – someone who doesn’t know or understand all the intricacies of today’s complicated TSA rules. If so, we sure hope you’re not in line ahead of us!

Take the Smart Holiday Traveler Quiz

Go ahead, prove how smart you are. Take the quiz and check your score.

7 – 8 Correct: Expert Traveler – You are the highlight of the TSA officer’s day.
4 – 6 Correct: Leisure Traveler – You forgot that big bottle of shampoo in your carryon, right?
2 – 4 Correct: Turbulent Traveler – You have to be told to remove your shoes.
0 – 1 Correct: Grounded Traveler – You really don’t fly much, do you?

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Published: November 17, 2010