Flight Booking 101: How to Find the Cheapest and Best Flights

Welcome to the most comprehensive source for flight booking tips online. Below is information on how to save money on plane tickets, along with some helpful flight tips.

How to Get Cheap Flights

Paying full price for a plane ticket is one of the biggest mistakes that a traveler can make. A few simple flight booking tips can make your ticket so much cheaper! We have been collecting airline industry data since 2004, and would like to help you learn how to get cheap airline tickets online. Our most popular and helpful findings can be found below.

Flight Tips

Being involved in the airlines industry has allowed us to find some of the best flight tips. From baggage fees and standby tickets to airport security, we have expert information that could be useful for your trip. The articles below contain some of our most popular flight tips.

Once you’ve mastered how to book airline tickets, we hope that you will find our flight comparison search tool helpful.


Updated: May 11, 2015